Angry White Male - Pissed-off Black Man

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Pissed-off Black Man

Since the first publication of this book in 2013, a lot has changed, 

and not only in America, but across the Globe. Several countries, 

especially in Europe and Africa – 

have made changes to their political structures. There is a more realistic way to describe this, but I will endeavor to remain ‘politically correct,’ for the moment…

Climate changes have devastated the globe, in spite of what ‘certain people – or political diehards’ might want us to believe. The facts speak for themselves. It is a fact that climate change has caused global warming that has effected the lasting changes to our universe’s climate system. This has affected most of our families; harms to humans, agriculture, industrial and an increase in greenhouse gas.  

We could go on and on about what climate changes are doing to the World, and how it is affecting even the man on streets, or even that bloke on the moon. 

Bad Stuff!

But we must stick to our premise that some people are soooo angry they will say and do anything, and say they did not!

Since the last two decades, Global politics have placed the world in equal precarious position, as is Climate Change. Democracy is facing its strongest opposition, and at the same time, is recording rapid economic growths among many nations. Yet, in spite of the slithered of hope, international and ethnic conflicts are on a dead-end collision with their more liberal counterparts.

Countries on the African Continent are entertaining governments that are becoming more authoritarian. Political upheavals are more prevalent as severe episodes of violence are seen in African States such as Mozambique, Ethiopia and Nigeria. 

Conflicts on the European Continent is blasting their way to a possible ‘no-turning-back’ state of affairs. The Russia-Ukraine war takes all the attention from what is brewing in North Korea-South Korea, China-Japan, and ‘don’t-talk-about-Haiti-Dominica’ shuffles. 

The Middle East continues to be the bedrock of dissension.  The Isreal-Iran Cold War continues to ongoing, with very little hope of any resolution between the two nations.

What a messed-up world our next generation will be inheriting!

I cannot even keep up with all these events that are – and have taken place since the last decade…

On April 15th, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs explode at 2:49pm near the finish line during the Boston Marathon. Three people are killed and another 264 people are injured.                                                                                                                    Millions of Target customers’ data is stolen in a large security breach over the holiday shopping season... 

The world now has the largest generation of young people ever. In the last 20 years, the world’s population grew by about a quarter, from 5.66 billion to 7.24 billion.

The world is getting older.

Older people – those over age 60 – are the world’s fastest-growing age group. The number of older persons increased from 490 million in 1990 to 765 million in 2010.

Do you remember, in the eons of time, when America, -  I mean North America, or more direct, United States of America, was the epitome of stability, in the eyes of the rest of the world?

Well, it seems as if the Dollar Tree (now A Dollar and Twenty-five cents Tree) reading glasses are working, because the rest of the world is beginning to see more clearly now...