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Cancer is a frightening possibility, but today’s medical technology has put some powerful screening tools in our hands, and we know: early detection saves lives. The earlier you find out about cancer, the greater the likelihood that it can be successfully treated. For prostate cancer, 99% of men diagnosed at an early stage (local or regional disease) live 5 years or longer after diagnosis.

I am a 15-Year Survivor and still coping at age 81.

Here's my story!

Prostate Cancer can be a deadly disease if not properly treated!

All men are susceptible to this disease, especially Men of Color...

Due to our disillusion as being macho, we are reluctant to face the reality that we are really not superhuman, and too many of us are suffering silently; not wanting to talk about this disease of such personal nature.

Prostate cancer, as with most debilitating diseases, affect our entire community: wives, family members and friends.

This also has the most effect on our spouses (wives, mothers, sisters, aunts... ) who will eventually bear the burden of caring for us after the surgery. It is important that these need to know and understand how this disease is affecting their men...

Extensive research on Prostate Cancer has being done over the years but too many of our Black men have not heard about them, thus lending credence to the misconception that there is no cure for cancer.

The open and frank discussion on “Coping with Prostate Cancer” is of interest to our community; whether significant male-other; husband, father, brother, uncle or any male associate.

While it is of insurmountable importance that we know how to possible prevent Prostate Cancer, the discussion of coping with this life-changing disease is a subject worthy of deep and intimate dialog...