SECOND CHANCE - Unleashing the Power of Good

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Heaven did not want them

Hell could not keep them...

So they came back with an indictment on humanity!

He reached out and snatched the man by the neck, his fingers closing slowly. Kelly’s eyes bulged as the oxygen gently receded. He pulled the gun from his pocket and pressed it against the big man’s belly. He felt his finger tightened on the trigger.


The unmistakably sound of the hammer hitting an empty chamber. What the hell, he thought, as he pulled the trigger again.


Another empty chamber.

“No!” he heard his voice bellowed. He had made sure that the gun was loaded just moments before he came up to Willie’s room. There was no empty chamber. He, himself had injected all six cartridges into the chambers. He had even removed the safety lock, knowing fully well that any sudden jolt might set off the gun. He was prepared to act quick and decisively if the need arises. Like now! He had fired twice without making contact.

He pulled the trigger rapidly several more times, as he felt Willie’s big hands around his neck tightened, but no welcome explosion reached his ears.

Kelly Sanders tasted the blood from his nose, as it flowed into his opened mouth, amidst his broken, rotten teeth, and onto his protruding tongue. Then his eyes drew blank. The last thing he saw was Willie’s face close to his. He was sure that Willie Hearn had no eyes. Only the empty spaces where they were supposed to be....

The dull snap he heard, rather than felt, was his neck yielding to maximum pressure... This was the last life big Willie Hearn was to take.